Click-free brand ads that don’t interrupt the game


Same Game. New Revenues.

InGamePlay brand ads work with your game design, not against it. Native ad placements are seamlessly integrated and don’t interrupt your game flow like interstitials or rewarded videos. Increase your ARPDAU without changing game flow or impacting the player experience.

Dedicated Mobile SDK

Our platform is designed with mobile game developers in mind. Integrate in minutes and place your ads using our impression checking tools.


Reach and engage diverse mobile audiences

2.7 billion people play mobile games worldwide. Our global inventory offers an unparalleled diversity of player personas. InGamePlay brand ads engage players with immersive brand experiences.

Viewability. Brand safety.

InGamePlay brand ads are click-free delivering on average 3x higher brand recall rates than other mobile advertising formats. Audience targeting and authentic brand-safe ads increase verified viewability.