Monthly Developer Shoutout

Jan 29, 2021 | Design

Each month we want to give kudos to our developer community. Mobile games development is a fine balance between designing the best games, keeping players happy and paying the bills. We get it. These are the developers pioneering the use of immersive ads in their games and reaping the monetization uplift rewards. We salute you!


Studio: GS Game Studio
Genre: Prop Hunt
OS: Android & IOS

Think Hide and Seek! H.I.D.E from GS Game Studio is a popular prop hunt game with a global player base. In teams of Hunters and Props it is the Hunters’ job is to find and catch all of the Props while the Props are tasked with hiding to avoid being found by the Hunters. It’s stylised real world environment means InGamePlay ads are featured on placements such as billboards and TV screens retaining the player's full immersion. It’s fun bright graphics and art style ensure brand ads look authentic.

Big Brother

Studio: 9th Impact
Genre: Social
OS: Android & IOS 

The guys from 9th Impact have taken all of the best bits from the infamous Big Brother TV show for their ‘Big Brother: The Game’. You can interact in viewer or player mode and the goal is to complete challenges, daily quizzes and become the most popular Housemate in the BB House to avoid eviction. The real world scenes from the TV set make useful backgrounds for placing in InGamePlay ads as posters and screens.

Off The Rails 3D

Studio: Kwalee
Genre: Hypercasual
OS: Android & IOS

In this fun and addictive hyper-casual game the player must ensure they time everything perfectly to transport their train without flying off the track or running out of fuel. Ryan Davies, Head of Digital Marketing at Kwalee told us: “Off The Rails 3D is a key game for us, with more than 12 million downloads worldwide. It’s the ideal title with which to explore the potential of integrated in-game advertising with AdInMo, from both player experience and monetisation standpoints.”

Smashing Cricket

Studio: Athang Games
Genre: Sport
OS: Android

Become a cricket megastar in this realistic cricket game from Athang Games which lets you play a variety of shots and smash the cricket ball to all parts of the ground. When Athang Games first started using AdInMo’s SDK they performed A/B Testing and Founder Chandan Pawaskar confirmed they did not see any negative impact in retention.


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