Designing for InGamePlay Brand Ads

Feb 3, 2021 | Design, News

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AdInMo’s InGamePlay brand ads are seamlessly integrated into mobile games. Crucially our ads are click-free which means they don’t interrupt gameplay and actually help player retention. It’s a great incremental monetization channel that keeps players (and designers) happy.

The Integration Guide V1.0 is written by our in-house designer; for game designers. It walks you through how to start placing InGamePlay brand ads in your games and includes the practical basics of this exciting new ad category as well as lots of tips and techniques based on game design theory to optimise your implementation.



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Developers want ads that don’t piss players off!

Developers want ads that don’t piss players off!

Our CTO Chris Wright recently took part  in a fireside chat at Pocket Gamer Connects to discuss the potential of InGamePlay brand advertising. He was joined by Hannes Hultgren, CSO at Impact Unified and the discussion was moderated by Dave Bradley from Steel Media....

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