This guide takes you through the steps required to integrate the AdInMo SDK in your game so you can start monetizing with InGamePlay brand ads. It should take no more than 10 minutes to integrate the AdInMo SDK in your game project within Unity. It really is that easy!


Download SDK here.

For more details on SDK integration, please see Technical Documentation.

Developer Portal

1. Click here to sign up to AdInMo’s developer portal to get started.

2. Create a game on the AdInMo portal by clicking the ‘+ Add New Game’ button. This will create a game key for your game that is required in a later step.

3. Create a placement by clicking on the ‘+ Add New Placement’ button on the game page. Note: a game is required to create a placement. This will also create a placement key for your placement that is required in a later step.

4. Download the AdInMo SDK, click here to be taken to the download page.

Unity Editor

5. Create/open a project within Unity.

6. Import the AdInMo SDK into Unity, by clicking, ‘Assets’, ‘Import Package’, ‘Custom Package’ and selecting the unity package you just downloaded.

7. Add the AdInMo manager prefab to the scene. From ‘Assets, go to: ‘Adinmo’, ‘Prefabs’, then click and drag the ‘AdinmoManager’ prefab into your scene.

8. Add your game key to the Adinmo Manager.

9. Using a game object that is either an image, quad or sprite, add the ‘AdinmoTexture’ component to that game object.

10. Add your placement key to the component.

11. Once you have added both the game key and the placement key, run your game within Unity Editor to see ads.

Please Note

You will not be able to see impressions using a development build, uncheck this option if you are building a release.

Unity Editor also has its own development build option under ‘File’, ‘Build Settings’. Ensure the ‘Development Build’ option is not checked when building for release.

Aspect Ratios

AdInMo SDK supports six different aspect ratios.

SDK Video Tutorial

Check out our video walkthrough taking you step-by-step, how to use the SDK and start placing InGamePlay brand ads in your games.